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Inspection & Testing

The company specializes in the electrical performance test of communication antenna, the environmental test of electronic communication products, automotive electronics and other EMC electromagnetic compatibility testing, and it validly conducts product test in strict accordance with national and international standards. As a third-party testing company, it keeps the impartiality, independence and truthfulness of test. The company has been certified the capability certification by ISO/17025(testing and calibration laboratory), passed the assessments and audits of designated evaluation experts from China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment, attained the CNAS national testing agency qualification as well.


To further standardize corporate operating procedures, reinforce management, continuously improve technology level of testers and ensure testing impartiality and precise results, the company strictly implements every control document requirements of CNAS system, actively participates in the seminars regarding industrial testing standards, proposes reasonable suggestions for finalized industry standards combining years of technology accumulations of its parent company in antenna field. Meanwhile, it makes Handbook of Antenna Testing Techniques as corporate standards, which more strictly standardizes the testing behaviors of personnel and more conveniently services consumers.


Test Ability
indoor antenna far field measurement system
SG128 antenna indoor approach measurement system
microwave antenna outdoor far field (4-40GHz)
millimeter wave antenna outdoor far field(4-90GHz)
passive intermodulation measurement system
RoHS environmental test
car antenna vehicle testing factory
environment laboratory
SG64 antenna indoor approach measurement system
RTS65 reverberation system
metallic materials spectrometer


  • Type:Environmental Testing Project

    high-low temperature and humidity test chamber/ programmable constant temperature and humidity test chamber / walk-in high-low temperature damp and heat test chamber/ rain testing laboratory/ salt spray tester/ packaging drop test-bed

  • Type:Antenna Detection System

    Antenna indoor near-field measurement system/SG128/SG64, SG64 probe indoor 3D near-field measurement system, 4-90GHz microwave antenna measurement system, 4-40 GHz millimeter wave antenna measurement system

  • Type:Inspection & Testing items

    RTS65 reverberation system, SPECTRO direct-reading spectrometer, passive intermodulation analyzer




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