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After through asset restructuring, Shenglu has become a diversified group in communications, automotive electronics, military industry and other fields develop

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Founded in 1998, Shenglu Telecommunication Tech. Co., LTD has more than 1000 employees and a vast area of 67,000. The registered capital is RMB 448 million and total assets is  RMB 2.9 billion. The tech center has over 100 professional and technical engineers.

In 2010, Shenglu officially listed in China Stock Exchange(SZ002446), which is the first public antenna manufacturing enterprises in China. After full reorganization of assets, Shenglu has expanded in communications, automotive electronics and other fields and has diversified development, and also the company products business has layout in the mobile communication, mobile Internet, microwave hybrid integrated circuit and other areas.

Shenglu products include backbone network transmission antenna, base station antenna, network covering the fields of antenna, terminal antenna, passive device, active device, car antenna, large TR module, Beidou antenna, smart vehicle information system, formed a relatively full ranges of communications equipment, automotive electronic equipment industry chain.

Shenglu has certified quality management systems ISO9001, TS16949, ISO 14001 environmental management system, occupation health and safety management system OHSAS18001, hazardous substance process management system the QC080000 certification; at the same time products also won the TLC, CE, dun & Bradstreet authentication. the company implements integral standardized management of enterprise informatization through the introduction of sap and OA management information system in financial accounting, materials management, sales management and other aspects, conducts product traceability control through the establishment of Lu Sheng bar code system .Companies adhering to the "create value for customers" business philosophy, scientific and rigorous work attitude, formulate strict and standardized quality system and standard, through the use of modern quality management six mez method theory, constantly optimize the process, continuous improvement, improve the quality of the products. At the same time, the company attaches great importance to the development of new products and the promotion of technological innovation ability, the cultivation of the company's technological innovation capability in an important strategic position.

The company will continue to focus on the direction of the multi applications in telecommunications, automotive electronics network interconnection. Closely follow the development of the communication industry and the pace of national defense construction, and actively put into communication equipment, communication network construction, seize market opportunities, develop and explore the market. Instilling product leadership strategy, superior product price to win the customer's trust, products gradually infiltrated into the client applications, and from application front-end customers to understand the customers' real needs, and create value for customers. While continuing to the implementation of the development strategy around the two plate surrounding closely derived, endogenous growth and epitaxial expansion and means of using their long-term accumulation in the field of mobile communication technical experience and customer resources, take the opportunity of the development of mobile Internet, on the one hand, continue to increase investment in mobile Internet business, strong mobile Internet business bigger and stronger; on the other hand, integration of the layout of the defense communication electronic intelligence, automation, information products business, the goal of steady development of business of the company.

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